Ventro Pro Turbo Roller Skates & skater paradise uk

Ventro Pro Turbo Roller Skates

& skater paradise uk

The Ventro Pro Turbo roller skates is our top selling roller skate, designed as iconic Bauer turbo 33, which is now not available, This ventro pro Turbo is a fantastic skate for looks and comfort. Ideal for beginner and intermediate skaters. Perfect for Roller Disco and Street Skating.

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Excellent product. Well-made and robust; an excellent model if you want to get back into skating. I love the laces and they arrived fully assembled and ready to go. Padding is great and they are a true fit.

Skater paradise uk offered in a huge range of Ventro Pro sizes – 33 all the way to 46 (EU sizes). You have to be careful when choosing the size though. They are very much on the large side. You might want to take them a size smaller than you would normally choose.

Skater paradise uk also sale Ventro Pro Turbo skates with well-known Airwave wheel well range of colour.

Ventro Pro turbo detail

·         Moulded PU boots made from Elastollan

·         Removable padded liner

·         Playmaker Zytel chassis with metal axles

·         58 x 32mm wheels

·         608AB bearings Abec 1


The quality of workmanship and materials is very good. That’s a real stand out when it comes to plastic skates, which are often plagued by problems. The wheel bearings are ABEC-1. Those are the slowest and least precisely made wheel bearings. That’s great for people who are just getting started, but experienced skaters might want some better bearings. The chassis is made of Elastolan and nylon – the axles are metal though.
The overall feeling of the ride is pretty smooth. They offer massive amount of stability, but don’t feel as clunky as other plastic skates.

The Ventro Pro Turbo at are surprisingly good. Especially when compared to other plastic skates, they look real nice. Both workmanship and general quality leave nothing to be desired. The ride is pretty smooth and they support your ankles very well. They offer a great fit and are definitely in the top class when it comes to plastic skates. So, overall the Ventro Pro Turbo are a great choice.